MediaStorm Multimedia Workshop launches Broken Lines and Voice

From November 8-12, 2011, two teams of multimedia journalists collaborated with the MediaStorm team at the MediaStorm Multimedia Workshop. Participants spent a week reporting, editing, and producing Broken Lines and Voice.
Martine Fougeron, one of the participants, had this to say.

“I always wondered how MediaStorm makes such compelling multi-media pieces. The beauty of a MediaStorm workshop is that you learn why and how.
Ultimately, the pieces are strong because they are about one person’s story and how to best convey that person’s inner voice. They are not about your story and your twist on the story. You are not just a photographer or a moviemaker, your art and skills are at the service of the subject’s inner voice and dilemma which must be enunciated in an interesting manner.

Here is the key. The audio/video interview. Your first task is to get into the subject’s head and bones to ask the right questions in the interview you conduct at the very beginning. This interview is the backbone of the edit and all you will be doing after. It is the subject’s truth you will be at the service of in the story-telling. And that truth must have a universal resonance.

Then it is up to you to do your own multi-media-project. You are empowered. But do not think it is easy. It is an art in many domains requiring an intense collaboration of talents: great interviewing technique, great video technique and strategy, exceptional editing skills, an affinity to music and lastly a gift in story-telling and editing combined not to talk of a particular sensitivity to music and tempo.”



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