Updates from our Affiliates Sept. 2012

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  • American Photography has a new web site with an archive of all the winners of their recent competitions. You can also enter the new International Motion Art Awards and they have a new daily email starting later this week called Motion Arts Pro. You can get your own copy here.
  • Check out The Photo Society’s blog for recent posts from Bill Allard, David Burnett, Steve McCurry, Melissa Farlow, Ivan Kashinsky, Stephen Alvarez, Ed Kashi and David Alan Harvey.
  • ASMP is presenting a  Symposium on Sustainable Business Models: Issues and Trends Facing Visual Artists 9/27 in New York.
  • PhotoShelter has a great lineup for their  Luminance event  September 12-14
  •   On August 5th, the BagNews Salon hosted “The War on Women: An analysis of the media imagery of the ongoing domestic battle over reproductive rights. More Salon’s coming soon.
  • Check out MediaStorm‘s new  blog posts for their “Worth Watching ” series , a new grant from the Aftermath Project and other news.


American Photography’s Pro Photo Daily and Motion Arts Pro,  ASMP, The Photo Society,  BagNews,  VII , PhotoShelter and MediaStorm are  PhotoSynthesis Net affiliates
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