Updates from our Affiliates Oct. 2012

  • American Photography has a party and their Big Talk Symposium coming up in NY on Nov. 8th and 9th. It will feature the winners of this year photography and illustration annuals, the new Latin America competition and the new International Motion Art Awards . They also have a new daily email  called Motion Arts Pro and you can get your own copy here.
  • Check out The Photo Society’s newsletter for recent posts from Bob Sacha, Steve McCurry, Mike Yamashita,  Stephen Alvarez, Ed Kashi, Joe McNally and David Alan Harvey.
  • ASMP is presenting several seminars at Photo Plus next week  in New York.
  • PhotoShelter presented a webinar with Brian Smith on his secrets of  Great Portrait Photography.
  •  Welcome to our new affiliate JPG.
  • Check out MediaStorm‘s new  Multimedia Guide on iTunes.
  • VII Photo launched A Special Photo and Video Exhibition by Stephanie Sinclair and Jessica Dimmock at the UN in NYC.


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